Working to improve the lives of abused, disabled and abandoned children and young adults in the Department of La Paz, Bolivia.


PARA LOS NIÑOS                     


Para Los Niños (PLN) is a Bolivian, non-profit organization in La Paz city.


Since 1995, PLN has worked with children and young adults who are wards of the State due to abandonment, abuse and neglect. In La Paz PLN works in 12 state run homes and institutions run by SEDEGES (Servicio Departamental de Gestion Social, the social services department) which house children from birth to 18 years of age. They are from various backgrounds ; young offenders, victims of violence , victims of trafficking for commercial sexual violence , victims of domestic abuse and intellectually and physically disabled children, youths and adults.


These state homes are understaffed and poorly funded. PLN aims to support them with activities and projects which are adapted to meet the development, educational and health needs of the children, youths and young adults in the different homes.


PLN is a voluntary based organization and depends on the support of local and international donors to fund ongoing programs and services. 

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 With your support and generosity, we can continue to improve the lives of Bolivian children in need.




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Legal notice:

The children and young adults in the homes where Para Los Niños work are wards of state. Accordingly,'el codigo del niño, niña , adolescente (ley 2026) de protección del menor' (the child protection code ) strictly forbids the use of any photographic material of the residents in all homes and institutions for any reasons.

Therefore photographs of children on this site are not children in the homes but other children, used with permission of their parents of guardians . The photographs of the institutions and volunteers working in the homes are original.

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